The Loooove List

My loooove list: because Valentine’s Day isn’t just about hearts + flowers, and especially because I believe in yoga as a joyful lifestyle that includes all sorts of goodness beyond fancy postures, I present to you a handful of people/places/things that I adore. Check ’em out, then add your own, because I want to know who/where/what you adore, too.

Yoga Classes

* Jillian’s. Not just because she’s my Bella Vita Yoga partner. Because she sets the tone with a welcome hug + puts her full heart into every class.

* Shala’s. She empowers her students to intuitively move , while mindfully breaking the “rules” of traditional alignment. She is crazy-smart but would probably never admit it.

* Mara’s. Because she is a sequencing genius. And after being {almost literally} tied into a pretzel in her classes, I feel amazing.


Splendid Table. It’s audible food porn. Enough said.

This American Life. It is not uncommon to alternate between tears/laughing out loud while listening. This is intelligent entertainment that will make you think + feel.


Mark Nepo. I have my god-send friend Darrell to thank for introducing me to Mark Nepo. His writing is profound + often sounds as if it was written directly to me.

Brene Brown. She will knock your socks off with her sharp wit + authenticity. Listening to her speak just may empower you to more fully embrace being you.  Plus, she is a fellow social worker.

Danielle LaPorte. Read this. Of course she is inspiring.

Local-ish Businesses

Fern. I’m sure it will come as a surprise to none of you that this Charlotte-based vegetarian/vegan spot is on my love list. When your favorite server greets you by name with a hug, you know it’s a good place to be. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and order the cast iron skillet of vanilla-orange glazed cinnamon rolls for brunch sometime. Trust me on that.

Malaprops. There is something about walking into this vibrant Asheville bookstore that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Plus, they carry my Mom’s books.

The yoga studios at which I am fortunate to teach {Noda Yoga, Okra Yoga, Be Yoga}. Although they each have their own distinct personality, the thing they have in common is a sense of community + acceptance.

Your turn: Take 5 to share the love. Can’t wait to see YOUR loooove list!

xo, valentines…

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